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Reunion (Closed RP w/ eclipseddarkling)


"You were the traitor not me! All I ever did was…wait. Sigh, of course, there must be another me here in this zone. So sorry for the mix-up dear Shadow alternate, seems we mistook each other for our own zone variations of each other. Happens sometimes I hear though this is the first time I’ve ever experienced it firsthand…"


All hostility then vanished from the darkling as he quite gracefully landed on the dead earth with an indifferent expression upon his face.

"Save your anger, its wasted upon me right now. I’d much prefer to murder my Shadow instead of you. He betrayed our kind in the worst possible way, now I’m all that remains of the Black Arms in my universe. I have to stay alive for the sake of taking my revenge…"

"I can careless about my alternate."

His ear perks when the two Black Arms arrived. He held his hand up hold fire, but to keep an eye on him. “Your alternate is the traitor. Fooled me with the brother talk, jealous of me with my rank. He tried to overthrow me by a time wrap on one of my objectives and it was access. Quiet surprise that I’ve return months later. I banished him to live outside the borders of the free citizens. Death was too easy. He needs to suffer like I had.”

Letting himself off defense, he lowered his hand for the guards to hold down their weapons. The arm cannon turns back into it’s regular for. He crossed his arm squawking.

"Now what do you want? You’re keeping me off track on my schedule."

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Amicitia (Closed RP w/ blackarmshedgehog)


That just made Black’s blood boil. World peace!? This is the exact opposite of that!

"More like the system breaks." Black says under his breath.

When the get to the ditch Black sees the group of GUN and the Black Comet shards. He was about about to say something when he suddenly shakes violently and falls on his knees, grabbing his head, growling in pain. He was breathing heavily as well.

Wolf looks back at the ditch again and tries scanning out a map on his communicator. But the screen kept glitching causing him to feel agitated. The energy he picked up didn’t feel right. But there were other energy he picked up. His eyes glance over to a big tent with guards around it. This must’ve happened to the recruits. 

He turns his head at Black, brow raise,”You alright?”

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Peaceful intention …


"You got another way to get in ? Tell me more , that could change my plan for the better…"

At the hearing of wolf’s question , lien-da’s face darkened.

"You..Above anything else, should know that , wolf." started Lien-da."It’s a sad reality, but if something can bleed, it will die one way or another."

"Maria never told me the whole story, but it’s his death that led to her becoming… Who she is now. It’s all the hatred she had toward this world who took everything from her that pushed her toward the way she took. Like a twisted mirror of some sort , The death of one led to the bitterness of the other."

"A single gunshot can change everything , wolf …. But I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you that."

"Furtiveness, the movement of stealth. I prefer breaking in quietly getting some data and planting some explosives while I’m at it before the real plan comes into play.”

"I understand. Now when does the plan start? I can do a 1 or 2 hours tops. I have other things to worry about."


After the gates of prophecies
A million light years away from me
Straight for the eye of destiny
Reaching the point of tears

Behind the dreams of mastery
Love dies silently
Torn to the flesh as the fire bleeds
Echoes of history

I’m ready to start the conquest of spaces
Expanding between you and me
Come with the night the science of fighting
The forces of gravity

I walked all day along the shore
I was made for loving you
I drown my pain in alcohol
How could you feel the same way too ?
The shore - Woodkid (via born—to-be-bad)